Boldon James Classifier Product Review (SC Magazine)

Employee round-table discussion
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Probably the neatest thing about this product is the way it inserts itself into documents it is protecting – as if it was part of the original design of the product. When you look at a Microsoft Word document, for example, the classification tools are part of the tool bar just like the fonts, paragraph definitions and other Word functions. Under a tool bar section called Classifier Label, you will find the classification choices and any label dialog you wish to add. These are created by policy.

Applying Classifier labels is just a mouse click away so users are not deterred from classifying their documents as they create them. When the document is created, it not only has the classification icon, it has the detailed label. There is no doubt about the classification. Moreover, the classification label contains a message that tells the user what they may or may not do with the document.

Policies also include who can change classification levels. If you are not authorized for a particular document, you won’t be able to make any changes. The same process applies to Microsoft Outlook as well. The addition is that any attachment to a message impacts the classification of the message.

Similar to documents, the classification information for emails shows up in the header as metadata. If one makes a change to a classification, it will immediately be reflected in all of the documents saved under that classification.

Of course, this product suite integrates with Active Directory, and the company’s goal for the end-user is that classifying a document or email involves only a mouse click – no more difficult than changing a font.

At a glance

Product Classifier

Company Boldon James

Price $15.20 per user for the combination of Email, Office and File Classifier at 5,000 users.

What it does Allows users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels (protective markings) to messages and documents in order to enforce information assurance policies.

What we liked Part of the Classifier portfolio that covers virtually all types of files. Simple to use.

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