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Boldon James Brings Mobile Data Classification to the Widest Range of Mobile Platforms

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New Mobile Classifier Will Deliver Consistent Classification to Ensure Data Is Protected On the Move.

Copenhagen, November 24th, 2014 – QinetiQ’s Data security company Boldon James, a leading provider of Data Classification and Secure Messaging solutions, today launched Mobile Classifier, the latest product in its comprehensive data classification suite at the ISF Congress (23-25 November) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With an increasing variety of devices in use in modern workplaces, IT teams are challenged both by the complexity of managing diverse platforms, but also by the security risks present when personal and corporate data co-exist on the same devices. The very portability of mobile devices means that the threat of data being lost or stolen is higher than ever – a recent study by BT found that 41% of respondents had suffered a device security breach in the past year, with 34% saying that they don’t have any kind of mobile security policy in place.

Mobile Classifier extends e-mail message classification to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, providing a consistent classification experience to the widest range of mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. By separating personal from business data, Mobile Classifier enables organisations to prevent email mishandling and reduce the likelihood of business data leakage. As with other Classifier components, Mobile Classifier adds relevant visual and metadata markings to email messages, ensuring consistent actions by complementary security solutions such as encryption, Data Loss Prevention and Digital Rights Management.

Mobile Classifier is compatible with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, working hand-inhand to increase the security of information stored on mobile devices by ensuring information cannot be accessed should the device be lost. The product can also be flexibly deployed, with both on-premises and cloud mailbox solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

Commenting on Mobile Classifier, Martin Sugden, Managing Director at Boldon James said: “Access to corporate data from multiple devices is the norm for many organisations, but it comes with an increased risk of leaking sensitive information. Mobile Classifier protects data consistently across a diverse range of mobile platforms, allowing organisations to exploit the benefits of enterprise mobility without increasing risk. The addition of Mobile Classifier enables us to offer the most complete Classification suite on the market, enabling organisations to cover all their bases for data classification.”

Fran Howarth, Senior Analyst at Bloor Research commented “Mobile phones and, increasingly, tablets have become the device of choice for many employees owing to the convenience they offer. As more and more data is stored on such devices, organisations are in danger of losing control of their sensitive information. Boldon James’ new Mobile Classifier product is just the sort of tool that they require for regaining control and ensuring that sensitive and confidential data cannot be accessed inappropriately.”