Boldon James Announces Technology Integration with cryptovision

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SAFEmail Military Messaging combined with GreenShield encryption delivers a trusted solution to government and military agencies.

London –30th July 2020 – Boldon James Ltd, a leading technology company providing data classification and military messaging solutions which enable customers to effectively protect data, enforce controls and manage data distribution, today announced it has partnered with Germany’s leading solutions specialists for cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure, cv cryptovision GmbH. This partnership will provide government agencies and defence organisations with the ability to email securely across different security domains.

The two organisations have been collaborating to develop a software component system which has now been deployed into a major German government agency. With enterprises, government agencies and institutions increasingly challenged with sending secure emails across multiple domains, Boldon James and cryptovision have integrated their respective products to deliver a combined solution to meet the growing need to protect data as it is used in increasingly remote and complex environments.

Boldon James SAFEmail Military Messaging enforces communication protocols and delivers leading edge ‘defence ready’ secure messaging to NATO and other defence forces. For the past 20 years, Boldon James has been leading the way with Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS) using Microsoft Exchange as the core messaging service. SAFEmail enables the safe handling and control of a wide range of sensitive data from unclassified data to the high levels of restricted Government classifications across a variety of messaging environments.

Cryptovision’s GreenShield Suite is a complete solution for email encryption and digital signatures, delivering the highest level of security and user convenience. It is approved by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) for VS-NfD, NATO and EU-restricted communication. The solution offers end-to-end encryption with the strongest encryption methods currently available in the market. The GreenShield Suite consists of two products, GreenShield File and Mail, seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes and Microsoft Windows. Both products work collaboratively to ensure files can be encrypted and securely managed in the usual working environment. These are integrated into the respective email systems and enable the secure processing of emails including attachments.

Alan Borland, SAFEmail Product Manager at Boldon James, said: “With government and military agency emails in danger of falling into the wrong hands, Boldon James is keen to innovate to meet the demands we see in this space. By integrating our military messaging and data classification solutions with cryptovision’s encryption and security functionalities, this enables us to offer a solution that supports the needs of this growing marketplace.”

Ralf König, Senior Product Manager at cryptovision comments: “This integration enables cryptovision to deliver a solution where intended email recipients are able to decrypt and read the message in a safe and secure environment. With Boldon James we aim to ensure the high levels of confidentiality required by many of our military and government clients based in NATO and EU member states.