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Boldon James and Egress Software Technologies Partner

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Joint Solution puts Customers in Control of the Information they Share.

Crewe, December 6th, 2012 – Boldon James and Egress Software Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to address the problem of how to classify information and provide the relevant level of security to that data when exchanged with third parties. Neither the classification nor data encryption are new concepts, however until now products have been difficult to use, deploy and manage with limited integration. Egress and Boldon James are leaders in this space with award-winning solutions for data classification and encryption.

For any organisation, one of the most difficult tasks is understanding the content of unstructured data within its network and endpoints. Boldon James Classifier ensures users think about the value of information they manage by requesting that users classify data at the point of creation or send and adds metadata to documents and/or emails that are created within the organisation. Once data has been classified it is much easier for a business to understand the levels of security required when sharing it with third parties.

Market leading email and file encryption product, Egress Switch integrates transparently with Boldon James Classifier at the desktop and email gateway, automatically detecting classification information and applying security (strong encryption) to shared information. As a result an organisation is able to understand and manage unstructured data, ensure sensitive information is effectively secured and avoid data breaches and regulatory fines.

For Boldon James, Chief Executive Officer, Martin Sugden, said: “Our partnership with Egress delivers a proven joint solution which ensures the right level of security is applied to all data, maintaining access control even after it leaves an organisation’s network.”

Tony Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, Egress Software Technologies commented, “We are excited to have established a strategic partnership with Boldon James and are confident that this comprehensive information management and security solution will provide genuine benefit to our customers, enabling them to structure and share data with confidence.”The joint solution is already being used by several customers including Guildford Borough Council.


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