Axial Systems Announces Partnership with Boldon James

Employee round-table discussion
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Two companies working together to address fast-growing data classification market and help protect businesses from sensitive data leaks

Maidenhead, UK, 11th July 2017 – Axial Systems has announced that it is working in partnership with QinetiQ’s data security company, Boldon James. Axial is now actively discussing the solution with its extensive network of customers and prospects with Boldon James’ market-leading portfolio of data classification solutions.

“We have always had a strong focus on data loss prevention but we are also conscious that good data classification is key to its delivery,” said Mike Simmonds, Managing Director, Axial Systems. “In fact, we view data classification as the lynchpin of good security. If you can classify data correctly, you can identify the most sensitive data within the organisation and apply the right controls to it.  Control is everything when it comes to data security.”

“Moreover, it can also help improve the effectiveness of other security systems within the organisation,” he adds. “Firewalls work more efficiently, as do email gateways, because they have a better understanding of what is travelling across the network. Archiving and data storage processes can be carried out more efficiently because, thanks to data classification, businesses have a better understanding of how long they can retain different types of data as defined in the regulations that surround modern businesses.”

“In short, an organisation’s data security and data management technologies and processes all work more efficiently when data classification is in place. It creates a tighter security culture within the organisation and helps prevent the loss or misappropriation of a business’s most valuable asset: its data.”

“Backed by QinetiQ, which has a long and successful history of technological innovation, Boldon James are experts in the data classification field and provide high-quality software solutions that address organisation’s key data classification challenges. That’s one of the many reasons why we have decided to partner with them.”

Axial is already working closely with Boldon James to discuss the value the solution swiftly brings to both existing and new customers and prospects. Axial specialises in the whole lifecycle of the solution including consultancy, design, implementation and professional services delivery, and also helps organisations improve business culture through the use of data classification.

David Langton, Marketing Director Boldon James, says: “We were looking for a reseller partner with in-depth expertise in data and network security but that also had a breadth of strong, active relationships with mutual vendor partners, such as McAfee, and customers in multiple industry sectors across the UK and beyond. Axial Systems fitted the bill perfectly. We have already built a strong pipeline and are impressed with their willingness to work closely with us to understand our solutions and future roadmap.”

Langton continues: “Their expertise and understanding of the security market enables them to understand the broader market context, integrate products as a combined solution, where appropriate, and add value for the end customer.”



About Boldon James

For 30 years, Boldon James has been a leader in data classification and secure messaging solutions, helping organisations of all sizes manage sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards, in some of the most demanding messaging environments in the world. Boldon James is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ plc, a FTSE 250 company, with offices worldwide. For more information, please visit

About QinetiQ

A FTSE250 company, QinetiQ uses its world class knowledge, research and innovation to provide high-end technical expertise and advice, to customers in the global aerospace, defence and security markets. For more information, please visit

About Axial Systems

Axial Systems is one of the UK’s leading solution providers and systems integrators of network, security and services. The company has been successfully meeting and exceeding customer expectations since 1989 through consultancy, by deploying and managing high-performance network, security and service solutions, coupled with accompanying managed and support services. Further information on Axial Systems’ portfolio of solutions and examples of how the company has applied technology to help customers in financial institutions, legal firms, wired and wireless service providers, along with public sector organisations ranging from NHS trusts to educational establishments, and from “blue-light” emergency services to regional and central government, can be found at