NATO high grade military messaging from Boldon James

  • Out of the box support for NATO STANAG 4406 and RFC6477 standards
  • At the forefront of development for STANAG 4774
  • Automated NATO marking and high grade military messaging workflows
  • Support for ‘role-based messaging’ to meet military operational requirements

Domestic and international security and military collaboration requires the ability to interchange secure messaging that adheres to common marking and encryption standards. Utilising a high grade military messaging tool that complies with NATO standards ensures that messages will be received, understood and handled in a consistent manner by all recipients.

SAFEmail integrates seamlessly with MS Outlook, presenting a familiar and intuitive user interface that enables military, intelligence and government organisations to effectively enforce messaging standards. Using the same application for high grade military and informal messaging improves operational efficiency, and reduces training costs.

SAFEmail was forged from over 30 years experience working in close partnership with NATO, ensuring it is compliant with NATO STANAG 4406 and RFC6477 standards out of the box and supporting the new 4774 standards into the future.

Boldon James unique collaborative work with NATO means you can be assured SAFEmail will remain at the heart of NATO marking standards, and you can be confident it will be compliant with the new STANAG 4774 from the outset and into the future as standards evolve.