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With so much scrutiny on data security, the early identification and prevention of breaches has become a priority for senior management. As a result, security teams are expected to employ best practice measures and solutions, such as data classification. The CISO or CIO must then be ready to demonstrate the value of the security solutions and toolsets they have invested in.

Monitoring and reporting on data classification activities allows compliance with legislation to be audited on an ongoing basis. Any areas of concern will be brought to light – for instance, users who repeatedly violate policy by labelling documents incorrectly – allowing issues to be addressed through training, disciplinary procedures or the tightening up of policy.

Perhaps most important for the CISO or CIO reporting to the board, the information provided will allow them to demonstrate compliance, share knowledge about security status, and prove that security solutions are performing and achieving return on investment (ROI).

The Classifier Reporting solution adds a new dimension to the Classifier product suite, by combining a reporting infrastructure with a fully featured reporting tool to provide both structured audit data and a powerful means to analyse that data. It can also be integrated with a wide range of third party analysis tools to combine data from different sources. Classifier Reporting is helping our clients to:

  • Demonstrate value – with built-in dashboards and reports that can be customised to security policy and business needs.
  • Highlight compliance – easy to use graphical dashboards provide rapid assessment of current status and behavioural trends, with a drill-down capability to provide more granular information.
  • Understand behaviour – timeline analysis can be used to identify behavioural patterns and trends and identify potential insider threats.
  • Support forensic queries – with the ability to explore the underlying datasets to reveal the cause of anomalous behaviour.
  • Extend and integrate – an SQL database allows data to be easily exported into other third-party analytics tools.

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