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ANNOUNCEMENT: HelpSystems Acquires Leading Data Classification Providers to Bolster Security Business

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And Microsoft

For over 20 years, Boldon James and Microsoft have worked together to offer unique solutions that extend the Microsoft suite of products, including Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Exchange, for data classification and secure messaging. This highest level of partner status, combined with our long standing relationship, provides us with a unique level of access to new Microsoft products, development and commercial support which is not available to other independent software vendors in the data classification and messaging sector.

Products that support Microsoft:

Boldon James Classifier offers the most comprehensive coverage for data classification across the Microsoft Office 365 suite, enabling protection of files in creation, modification and transit. As well as the traditional Office packages including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, Classifier offers unrivalled functionality across Sharepoint, and can bulk classify files in both traditional and cloud storage.
Office 365 compatible products:

“As a company that works closely with partners to meet the needs of customers around the world, we’ve been working to identify a number of leading independent solution vendors with expertise in these markets & a proven record of delivering Microsoft-based solutions. Boldon James, with its offerings for messaging, collaboration & chat, was a logical choice.”

Tim Bloechl, Executive Director for Worldwide Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft

Solution Brief:

Classification for Office 365


Boldon James Uncovered 
The Power of Technology Partnerships

David Langton, VP Marketing & Alliances, identifies the power of Boldon James’ technology partnerships and the key role they play in supporting the business.


  • Global ‘Go To Market’ Partner for Defence Messaging
  • Relationships at Global, Defence and Country levels
  • Part of major Homeland Security initiatives
  • Development-level relationships direct with Redmond, U.S.
  • Extend core Microsoft products including Outlook, Office, SharePoint & Exchange
  • Supplier of LDAP technology in Microsoft Outlook
  • MS Exchange X.400 support
  • Visibility of products and releases 6-12 months in advance
  • Advantage to Support function
  • Ability to influence direction e.g. X.400 in Exchange 2007

Gartner Peer Insights

"Great product for user awareness"

Very good customer support for implementation and operations. The product is great for improving user awareness of data classification.

IT Project Manager in the Finance Industry

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