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Modern warfare requires up-to-date communications systems. However where forces are deployed in covert or operationally constrained environments NATO’s STANAG 4406 Annex E, and ACP 142 protocol military messages often need to be transferred over low bandwidth networks such as HF Radio and Satellite Networks. Boldon James Tactical Messenger features reliable multicast broadcasting to relieve the pressure on communications network channels.

When you need to be confident that critical messages reach their intended recipient, Boldon James Tactical Messenger can intelligently prioritise messages to ensure that the most important messages are transmitted first, interrupting less important messages wherever necessary. Tactical Messenger will compress data for low bandwidth communications meaning messages can be sent in SMTP or STANAG 4406 Annex E from within the popular Microsoft Outlook suite on bandwidths as low as 300 bits per second.

Meet the communications challenges faced by deployed troops using standard off-the-shelf software

For situations where deployed units are unable to give away their location, Tactical Messenger enables you to send information without requiring a receipt, a perfect solution for EMCON status.

Boldon James Military Messaging products mean you can reap the benefits of using market leading off-the-shelf software but also send messages that conform to high grade military messaging STANAG 4406 Annex E standards in order to get critical messages to your troops on the ground.

The Benefits
  • Supports Microsoft Office 2010 & Exchange Server 2010 and above and Active Directory
  • Easy to use
  • Supports communications in EMCON
  • File compression for very low bandwidth environments (i.e. HF radio)
  • Supports to NATO STANAG 4406 / Annex E and SMTP standards
  • Enables mobile operations using radio based networks
  • Reduces cost of expensive satellite communications through data compression and multicasting
  • One way communication for EMCON protocol messaging
  • Intelligent message priority management
  • Automatically downgrades messages for recipients unable to support S/MIME

Boldon James Partners
Partners we work with in this area include Isode.

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