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The sensitive nature of information handled by Intelligence Services means that data protection is essential and often is a matter of national security. With increasing requirements to rapidly share information with a wide variety of partner agencies, traditional methods of data control are not enough. A sensitive data breach can cost lives, impact economies and have catastrophic national and international consequences.

The classification and control of data as it is created or handled helps users to understand the value of their data. Boldon James SAFEmail® provides the flexibility required for defence and intelligence messaging, allowing the handling and control of a wide range of data from unclassified, through to the higher levels of Government Classifications, across a variety of messaging environments.

Products and solutions for the intelligence services
Products and solutions for Intelligence Services

To learn more about how SAFEmail® can drive greater data security in the Intelligence services click on the links below.

SAFEmail® Medium Grade Messaging Secure messaging for Intelligence organisations using Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
SAFEmail® High Grade Messaging A modular suite of Microsoft Exchange components designed for security sensitive systems in Defence & Intelligence environments
Enterprise Address Book Multi-Directory viewing
X.400 Bridgehead X.400 support for Exchange
Tactical Messenger Low bandwidth routing & prioritisation

We have a number of customers in the intelligence sector, worldwide, however due to the sensitive nature of these organisations we cannot disclose their names.

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