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Data loss within the financial services industry can lead to irreparable reputational damage, and can send shock waves through the entire financial services industry. Failure to comply with regulations set by the FCA and PRU (formerly FSA) in the UK, SEC and FINRA in the US can incur financial penalties, making the control of data in the heavily-regulated financial services industry critical.

Boldon James provide data classification solutions to major financial institutions throughout the world, giving them confidence in the control of their data.

Customer Benefits
Bringing structure to Financial Services data in a chaotic world

Boldon James Classifier offers a way to bring structure to your data, keeping essential data safe, improving DLP through consistent, automatic application, identifying information that should not be kept, and making your users more aware of the data that they use.

This industry-leading tool enables users to apply classifications that accurately reflect your data management policy from the software your workforce already use. Integrating classification into user’s everyday activities enhances their understanding and awareness of your organisation’s data protection policy and improves the consistency with which the policy is applied.

Data Classification Products
Customisable to fit your data protection policy

Boldon James Classifier allows you to establish user-groups, classifications and rules which fit your organisation’s data policy.

Integration with your existing DLP tools, encryption software, e-discovery, data-archiving and storage solutions offered by leading technology providers such as Symantec, Intel Security and Forcepoint mean that Classifier can help increase the benefits from existing spend on these data security solutions.

Supports compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Data Protection Act 1998, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Basel II/III, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001.

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