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Emergency services send and receive sensitive data daily – internally, to external organisations, government bodies and other emergency services.

Safe collaboration with other agencies and Forces can help reduce time spent on criminal investigations or get lifesaving and critical information for patient care.
Classifying and controlling data to minimize the opportunities for accidental data loss won’t just reduce the financial implications of data leakages, but can also help organisations demonstrate compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

Customer Benefits
360° classification in action

The Boldon James Classifier suite enables easy classification of data, whether in documents, emails or files. Our Classifier360 approach to classification enables users to benefit from the consistency of automatic classification whilst applying their own insight to the classification. With over thirty years’ experience working with governments and a range of public sector organisations, we offer a proven blend of classification options that make us an invaluable asset to the Emergency services.

Classifier360 results in more reliable classification, with highly-customisable, rule-based policy application ensuring that highly sensitive data is only accessed by those with relevant permissions.

Data Classification Products
Products and Solutions for the Emergency Services

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Emergency Services Customers include Association of Police Chief Officers (ACPO), National Police Improvements Agency, Metropolitan Police, and Ministry of Defence.

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