Find out how to Protect Sensitive Staff and Student Data

Every organisation is responsible for the sensitive data they create and share. None more so then Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The increase of individual student data, or Personal Identifiable Information (PII), that is created, stored and shared electronically has driven the need for greater scrutiny around data management and protection. State and private educational establishments need to ensure data is easily accessible without compromising their security.

Boldon James Classifier offers a way to bring structure to your data, keeping sensitive data safe, improving existing technologies such as DLP and making your staff more aware of the data that they create and handle.

Customer Benefits
Enforce Policy with Classifier

Classifier brings both visual classification labelling and metadata to sensitive documents. The visual labels help raise the awareness of the documents sensitivity and the metadata labels help Classifier and other technologies enforce your security and data management policies.

Classifier can easily enforce existing data security policies, as well as assist in the creation of new policies which may be required in order to meet government regulations. The Classifier Reporting Console provides a reporting infrastructure which allows organisations to monitor and report on classification events, while allowing advanced analysis of user behaviour and the handling of classified data.

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