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Automotive firms report a 32% jump in detected cyber security incidents and a larger surge in financial losses*, due in part to the technological transformation of the automotive industry.

Advances in telematics, networked manufacturing tools, and sensor-based equipment are transforming how automotive companies produce vehicles and work with business partners. As the automotive industry becomes more technology driven, the investment in research and the constant pace of innovation and development means that data protection within the industry is more important than ever. As more electronic data is shared among more partners and manufacturers, managing these risks is becoming increasingly more difficult.

*PwC Report – Global State of Information Security

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Protecting CAD drawings and enhancing third party software

A data-centric approach to data classification means that data protection is stronger and more reliable. Data classification is the first step to reliable data protection. Data held within CAD tools and document management systems can be classified with both visual and metadata labels. These labels trigger the application of downstream security solutions such as DLP, encryption and Digital Rights Management to enforce best practice in data protection and optimise your return on investment from these solutions.

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Data Classification Products
Driving automotive data protection

Boldon James has extensive experience in helping automotive firms protect their valuable intellectual property assets, contained in sensitive emails, documents and files, and CAD drawing documents. Our unique CAD Classifier tool enables automotive business to ensure their design teams are protecting business critical design documents from the point of creation through to sharing with partners and suppliers. Find out more about the benefits for Automotive companies using Classifier by clicking on the links below.

Managing the human factor is a key part of any software deployment. Boldon James and our partners can suggest methods of engaging and educating your users, what types of approaches we have seen used and how effective they are.

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