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Extend And Enhance Your Systems
Comms And Integrated Facility Capabilities

IMPART for UNIX and Linux enhances the capabilities of your existing system by emulating Fujitsu’s IPA communications.

Features such as Interactive Video Terminal, File Transfer Facility, and Direct Print are accessed through a convenient menu system. These applications operate over ISO Transport connections and IMPART for UNIX fully conforms to ISO 8072/3 standards, to support Classes 0, 2, 3 and 4.

  • Interactive Video for multiple remote ICL Virtual Machine Environment (VME) sessions

    ICL VME sessions can support a PC’s colour or greyscale and can run in separate windows to facilitate more than one VME session at a time.
  • Convenient printing and file transfers

    Print or transfer files held on a remote VME mainframe on a client printer. To print from local computers to remote computers you can use Direct Print Primary (DPP).

  • Develop UNIX-based applications to interface with Fujitsu’s Transaction Processing Management System (TPMS)

    Using Distributed Application Facility (DAF) users can create their own interface applications for TPMS.

  • Easily write programs that transfer data

    With Application Data Interchange (ADI) you can create your own programs, using a simple read/write interface, to transfer data to and from similar programs on other machines.Usable on any network type supported by the transport and can transfer data to any type of remote computer that supports the correct network protocol.

    Available in C language library or ADI Java class.

  • Access Fujitsu systems that support RVC over ISO Transport

    Using the Remote Virtual Console (RVC), made up of both a server (RVCS) and requester (RVCR), enables UNIX systems and their attached terminals to access remote Fujitsu systems. It also supports a subset of the TS29 protocol allowing Fujitsu OSVT terminals to be connected in a similar way.



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