GDPR: A New Era of Data Protection

It's not too late to begin your GDPR compliance journey - read our concise
eBook guide with practical advice to discover the steps you can take

GDPR: A New Era of Data Protection eBook

Despite the fact GDPR was enforced on the 25th May 2018 - your preparations for GDPR may be almost complete or you might still have a mountain to climb - there is still time to implement some practical data protection and governance measures that will positively impact your ability to comply with GDPR…

So we've written this eBook with you in mind. We're taking a look at where businesses are on their path to compliance, and share actionable advice on how to fix any areas of vulnerability with best-of-breed technology.

You will also learn:

  • GDPR myth-busting 
  • Identifying and fixing your vulnerabilities
  • How data classification is a critical foundation for data protection success
  • How different technologies work together with data classification to aid your GDPR compliance