uk and us export control
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Export controls require exporters to be responsible for ensuring that their shipments comply with export legislation. To stay safe, exporters require a solid record keeping systems and procedures in place, thorough training, and clear lines of responsibility.

Most countries have export controls and those controls persist regardless of the number of times the information or product changes hands or is amalgamated into other information or products.

What are your responsibilities under export control?

What are your responsibilities under export control?

The Export Control Act 2002 and the associated order, the Export Control Order 2008 together underpin English export control legislation. They provide a list of controlled (military or dual-use) items that fall within this legislation. These include:

  • Items that have been specially designed or modified for military use and their components
  • Dual-use items (those that can be used for civil or military purposes) which meet certain specified technical standards and some of their components
  • Associated technology and software
  • Goods that might be used for torture
  • Radioactive sources

How can Boldon James help?
How can Boldon James help?

Boldon James Data Classification products support compliance with Export Control regulation by allowing organisations to force users to identify key data & make decisions about how it is stored and transmitted. Boldon James Data Classification products supports Export Control Compliance by:

  • Making users aware of their duty of care in relation to Export Control
  • Providing document Export Control Classification Number labelling
  • Internal ‘check and send’ on the clearance level of users
  • Domain clearance checking to ensure information is only sent to correct external organisations
  • Automatically applying data security technologies such as email gateways, encryption and rights management to data files as required

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