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Organisations today are being challenged by data mobility – the ability to share data anytime, anywhere and in any format – whilst enabling communication and supporting business growth. In addition to this, IT teams need to be mindful of the reality that corporate data coexists alongside personal data. Sensitive data needs protecting, but before it can be effectively protected it needs to be separated from personal data and then classified.

Then there’s data that doesn’t need to be available on a hand-held device. With the increasing use of ‘bring your own’ policies and the blurring of lines between work and home made possible by mobile communications, relying on your users to only sync necessary information isn’t always sufficient for peace of mind or data security. It’s also not in the employee’s interest as they may have personal data stored on their corporate mobile device.

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With Boldon James Mobile Classifier users can separate corporate information from personal, classifying it for control in line with your organisation’s data policy whilst they are on the move. Working alongside your Mobile Device Management solution, Mobile Classifier will help you improve the security of data stored on handheld devices, whilst giving you the tools to enable business on the move.

For those occasions where there is no need for specific files to be accessible on a handheld device, Boldon James Mobile Filter enables organisations to decide and control what documents and data can be synced to a handheld device and which can only be accessible from a networked computer.

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