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Digital Rights Management

External and international sharing and collaboration on sensitive documents presents security challenges. Confidential data needs to be controlled, without impeding business-necessary email and file sharing. Using Boldon James Classifier to power Rights Management Solutions (RMS) removes the risk, by controlling access to your data wherever it resides, inside or outside of your physical organisation.

Boldon James Classifier provides a highly effective front end which simplifies the application of rights management protection, commonly the biggest barrier to user adoption. Classifier’s intuitive interface allows users to apply classification in as little as a single click, driving RMS rules to ensure the file can only be accessed by those that are authorised to receive the data.

Classifier’s intuitive interface allows users to apply classification in as little as a single click, which in turn automatically adds the appropriate usage controls (rights) to the file.  These granular rights control continue to control and track the use of information even while the document is open (e.g. okay to view and edit but blocked from screen sharing and printing e.g.). 

The Combined Powers of Classifier + Rights Management

  • Automatically add usage controls and tracking to documents as they are classified
  • Enforce who can access the document, what they can do with the document (view, edit, cut/paste, screen share, print), from which device or IP address, and when
  • Revoke access to previously shared documents
  • Automatically track actions on the document for streamlined audit and compliance reporting – including unauthorized usage attempts
  • Ensure your sensitive information remains under your control regardless of where it travels
  • Facilitate secure external collaboration, reduce costly data breaches, and simplify compliance

Boldon James Partners

Partners we work with in this area include: Microsoft, Seclore, Ionic and Sealpath

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Digital Rights

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