For more information download the Ensuring Persistent Data Protection with User-Driven Classification solution paper
For more information download the Ensuring Persistent Data Protection with User-Driven Classification solution paper

Using Digital Rights Management to protect intellectual property (IP) beyond your corporate boundary has always been a challenge. That is until Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) was launched. Azure RMS offers a powerful way to ensure that a document’s security and usage rights travel with it to any platform and device type, whether you are saving it to the cloud or emailing it to the other side of the world. The system is powerful, but isn’t the easiest for users to find and apply.

In common with Microsoft’s other RMS solutions, Azure RMS requires users to select a policy template in order to apply the associated protection. However, finding these templates within an Office application and understanding the purpose of each template can pose a challenge. Even if a user finds and understands the templates it is still left up to them to decide what information needs protection and in what way. This can be a lengthy and confusing process, disrupting user workflow and leading to inconsistent application of rights protection.

The Boldon James Classifier suite signals the end for inconsistent and ad-hoc application of digital rights protection. Users simply choose a classification for a document and the correct RMS template is automatically applied to the content. A common classification scheme can be enforced across all Boldon James Classifier products so users are immediately confident in using a familiar set of classification choices and can apply them using a simple and easy to find interface within the customary Microsoft Office ribbon.

Offering Consistent Protection For Your Data
Offering Consistent Protection For Your Data and Integrating with Microsoft Rights Management

Administrators can configure Classifier rules using Boldon James Classifier Administration to automate the application of particular RMS templates according to the classification choice and type of document. Based on the user’s simple choice of a familiar classification, Classifier will then automatically apply the appropriate RMS protection without the user having to make further decisions, providing a consistent and quicker way to protect valuable IP.

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