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The trend towards more remote and collaborative working has led to increased acceptance of cloud-based applications and storage. Cloud solutions offer the savings of reduced infrastructure requirements, but this need not come at the cost of a loss of ability to control data.

Boldon James Classifier ensures that your data can be classified, and retain classification in cloud storage and applications, ensuring your data is in your control wherever it resides.

Classifier allows you to classify your data and establish controls to ensure that your valuable information is not distributed inappropriately, helping to eliminate the risk of data breaches right from the outset.

The Benefits

Utilising best-of-breed classification in association with your cloud security partner ensures that you can reap the benefits from an outsourced service without sacrificing any of the advanced classification controls that your business requires. If you have opted for a private cloud computing solution, we can also work with your service provider to embed classification functionality within their service.

  • Exploit cost-effective cloud options without sacrificing data control
  • Enhance private, public and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Limit risk by controlling where data resides
  • Seamless integration with best-of-breed cloud security solutions

Boldon James Cloud Solution Partners

Boldon James Classifier offers classification across a range of cloud solutions, enabling classification across Office 365 and Box cloud storage as well as driving DLP and cloud access security broker (CASB) partner solutions.

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