Meet Kevin, The First Defence In Protecting Your Sensitive Data.



Employees like Kevin create massive amounts of data every day – such as documents and messages.

Protecting this unstructured data is a challenge and presents a significant risk to the organisation should a sensitive document be lost or leaked. However, there is a simple solution to help employees like Kevin protect data from the point of creation – Boldon James Classifier.

Classifier empowers users to be part of your security team by applying visual and metadata labels to sensitive documents at the point of creation. Once this is done then other security and data management solutions can read the metadata and enforce rules and processes to ensure data is safeguarded as it moves through its journey.

Embedded in their routine, classification becomes a natural part of employee’s daily business. The outcome is a successful employee, happy boss and most importantly - your data is safe.

Boldon James Classifier. One click, One solution.