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Whilst many organisations recognise Data Classification as the foundation of a successful security policy, every organisation has very different classification needs. Differences in technologies, culture, user’s technical skills, business processes, compliance requirements and the maturity of existing security policies will all influence what classification approach an organisation can consider, historically reducing their options to the choice of either automated or user-driven classification, each with their own distinct challenges and compromises.

Some organisations have attempted to combine both approaches, by using user-driven classification with the automated techniques of Content-Aware DLP, but have found that problems exist with striking a balance between the usability and accuracy of the resulting solution.

The Enterprise Classification System

Classifier360 is an Enterprise Classification System that blends together best practice in user-centric and automated classification techniques in the manner most appropriate to your business.


The Classifier360 techniques:

  • User-Driven Classification – Users are empowered to make business-centric classification decisions
  • Recommended Classification – Rules are used to propose a classification to the user, based upon User or Data attributes
  • Prescribed Classification – Data is automatically classified without user involvement, for example in the case of system generated data
  • User-Endorsed Classification – Supplements any of the other classification techniques by applying classification labels that require additional user endorsement before being regarded
    as authoritative


  • Adapts to your business and infrastructure needs
  • Reflects the differing requirements of your user communities
  • Supports users in their classification decision-making
  • Streamlines workflow for routine classification tasks
  • Balances technology-based decision-making with user insight
  • Respects the authority of user judgements
  • Widens the reach of data classification
  • Leverages investment in Discovery tools, such as DLP
  • Improves security culture


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Everything you Need to Get Started

The Classifier Platform contains everything you need to get started with Classification at your organisation including Classifier for Email, Office, and files.

Additionally your System Administrator will be empowered with everything they need to set classification policies and rules, as well as classifying data at rest.

Gartner Peer Insights

"User friendly Administration console helps to easily understand and implement classification"

Implementation is rather easier than other competitive products, administration console is also easier to understand and everything relevant to classification is there.
Also there are number of default templates and default messages to use with classification rules.

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