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Boldon James Uncovered – Top Tips To Achieve A Successful Data Classification Project

Boldon James EMEA Pre-Sales Manager, Ross Manley, identifies the key steps involved to establish your organisation’s data classification policy. The state of your technical environment, the ways in which you can effectively support your user community, and the importance… Read More

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Dear Customers and Partners, Today, we are very excited to announce, the launch of our new corporate identity and website. The new identity reflects the fact that the Data Security market has matured, whilst remaining true to our original… Read More

Why Cathay Pacific Data Breach Should Trigger Talk About Data Classification For Cybersecurity

No matter how small or simple the business, data protection must be a priority and the starting point is data classification. In seeking cybersecurity, we need to make sure we are aligning data protection strategies with the actual threat…. Read More

Time To Review Your Corporate Data Policy?

Many organizations continue outdated practices that don’t consider the rapidly changing world of data governance. Outdated agreements and poorly devised classification policies are signs that it’s time for an overhaul; especially considering emerging technologies like the use of mobile… Read More

Establish A Data Classification Model For Cloud Encryption

Not all data requires the same level of encryption. Use data classification to gauge your security needs, including for workloads that span on-premises and cloud environments. Data encryption might seem like a given in any IT security strategy, but… Read More