Data Classification as a Catalyst

As a foundational component to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) data classification is a capability that can define the access, recovery, discovery and security characteristics of an enterprise’s unstructured and semi-structured data. By grouping data into logical categories, classification can… Read More

5 tips for achieving GDPR compliance

The European General Data Protection Regulation will have a global impact when it goes into effect on May 25, 2018, according to Gartner Inc. And the firm predicts that by the end of 2018 more than half of companies… Read More

Stop Losing Sleep Over Compliance Audits

Regulations take many forms, depending upon the industry, the region, and the type of data being protected, but one thing is consistent among them: regulators frown on poor data-protection practices.Compliance can be a chore, and many organizations try to… Read More

Time To Review Your Corporate Data Policy?

Many organizations continue outdated practices that don’t consider the rapidly changing world of data governance. Outdated agreements and poorly devised classification policies are signs that it’s time for an overhaul; especially considering emerging technologies like the use of mobile… Read More

Regulation Rule Breakers

It has been revealed this week that Basildon Council have been fined £150,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for publishing sensitive personal information on its website among details of a planning application. Alongside the planning application, Basildon Council… Read More

No Need To Compromise

I should have replaced my current car about a year ago, but life has a habit of getting in the way of such things so it didn’t happen. As a result I’ve only just started thinking about the checklist… Read More

The New Standard in Information Classification – BS10010

Earlier this month it was great to see the launch of a new British Standard’s Institute (BSI) standard to attempt to bring clarity to organisations who are planning to implement a data classification scheme. BS10010:2017 was hatched around 2… Read More

Data Classification: The Bank For Your Data

The implementation of data security software within an organisation is never without its trials – no matter what size the organisation, how much data they hold, or how watertight their security policy is. The thing is, that before you… Read More

Creating the Perfect Security Ecosystem

Each member of the famous Marvel superhero team The Avengers has unique powers. When these are combined they create a formidable force, working together towards the same goal: protection. The same should be true of the products an organisation… Read More

The Balancing Act: Education vs Enforcement

Let’s face it – there are very few people in this world who like being told what to do. We often find that suddenly enforcing strict rules and big changes, in both social and working environments, is met with… Read More

Aussie Rules!

The Australian Government have recently passed a new privacy amendment – the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 – to the Privacy Act 1988. With the passing of this new amendment, the question everyone is now asking is… Read More

Set Yourself Up To Win!

In the final instalment of their five part series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian give guidance about how you can set yourself up to succeed and keep your sensitive data safe. Frameworks to Rule the World Frameworks sometimes get… Read More

Updated Infographic: Preparing for the EU GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is now just over 12 months away, and with this in mind we have conducted a repeat of our recent survey about the concerns organisations have about the EU GDPR, whether there are measures being taken… Read More

Data Classification: The Organisational Buy In

In part four of their series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian offer tips for getting organisational support for your data classification programme. Tip 1: Create Your Data Classification Team Data classification decisions can impact all employees. By… Read More

Data Classification Explained in Five Questions

As part of the Computer Business Review (CBR) Tech Express series, our partners at HANDD Business Solutions have put their CTO, Danny Maher, in the hot seat to explain data classification in five questions or less. CBR: What is… Read More

How Should You Be Classifying Your Data?

Part three of their series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian are discussing the different approaches to data classification, with guidelines on choosing the right method for your organisation. Starting at the most basic level, there are two ways… Read More

Protecting Your Data: Knowing is Half the Battle

In part two of their series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian look at the growing data deluge, what analysts are saying about security strategy, and how classification can bring order to your digital world. A… Read More

The Proof Is In The Planning

There is so much content now being generated about those four letters – GDPR – that it is very easy to see folks becoming swamped and confused about how to start and where to look. I have seen a few articles recently that… Read More

2017: GDPR Readiness Takes Priority

With 2017 well and truly in full swing, Forsythe have made some predictions for the year that they think are well worth preparing for. Alongside things like The Internet of Things (IoT), Ransomware, Cloud Security and Automated Security, top… Read More

Getting Started with Data Classification

Successfully protecting your enterprise’s digital data can be a tall task; what if there were a simple way to make that easier? A method that assigns a label to each document, database record, file, etc., enabling infosec professionals to… Read More

The Role of AI in Data Classification

Recently I was discussing data classification and security with a senior security architect trying to figure out how Boldon James data classification products could help improve their security posture. During the conversation, the client asked if Boldon James data… Read More

Over 500,000,000 Personal Information Records Stolen or Lost Annually

A recent report from Symantec revealed that the number of reported data breaches increased by 23% in 2015. Sector by sector, the largest penetration of breaches occurred in health services. Both in the UK and across the globe very few… Read More

2017 and Beyond: A Look Ahead

What an eventful year 2016 has been! We just about survived the fallout of the BREXIT referendum, we lost many famous faces such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder and Muhammad Ali to name a few. Donald Trump… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Measure and evolve

If you followed the first four steps in this series (Identify, Discover, Classify and Secure), you’ll have successfully secured the organisation’s valuable and confidential information by using data classification and downstream toolsets to enforce the security policy. It’s not… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Secure your data

Data that is classified according to its sensitivity instantly has a layer of protection surrounding it. The next task (having identified, discovered and classified your data) is to put in place the higher grade controls – in the form… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Classify your data

A corporate data security policy that sets out how valuable information should be handled will be ineffective unless it’s consistently and accurately enforced. Organisations often have a written policy that’s available on their company intranet and handed to new… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Discover before you defend

By classifying data according to its value or sensitivity, organisations can reduce the risk of security breaches by ensuring that appropriate protections are implemented and consistently enforced. Having identified your ‘crown jewels’, and other data that needs safeguarding, it’s… Read More

Infographic: Preparing for the EU GDPR

With all the talk surrounding the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation and the impact it will have on organisations, we decided to conduct a survey asking what concerns organisations have about the EU GDPR, whether there are measures being… Read More

Next Level Data Classification

With the new version, 3.9, Classifier has become really helpful. It checks my emails and documents and can recommend a classification based on what I’ve written or other factors such as the presence of external recipients in an email…. Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Identify Your Crown Jewels

Using data classification as part of a strategy to secure corporate data assets is sometimes referred to as ‘locking up the crown jewels’. But data security neither starts nor ends with the act of controlling access to information. Nor… Read More

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