Protecting Your Data: Knowing is Half the Battle

In part two of their four part series on The Definitive Guide to Data Classification, Digital Guardian look at the growing data deluge, what analysts are saying about security strategy, and how classification can bring order to your digital… Read More

The Proof Is In The Planning

There is so much content now being generated about those four letters – GDPR – that it is very easy to see folks becoming swamped and confused about how to start and where to look. I have seen a few articles recently that… Read More

2017: GDPR Readiness Takes Priority

With 2017 well and truly in full swing, Forsythe have made some predictions for the year that they think are well worth preparing for. Alongside things like The Internet of Things (IoT), Ransomware, Cloud Security and Automated Security, top… Read More

Getting Started with Data Classification

Successfully protecting your enterprise’s digital data can be a tall task; what if there were a simple way to make that easier? A method that assigns a label to each document, database record, file, etc., enabling infosec professionals to… Read More

The Role of AI in Data Classification

Recently I was discussing data classification and security with a senior security architect trying to figure out how Boldon James data classification products could help improve their security posture. During the conversation, the client asked if Boldon James data… Read More

Over 500,000,000 Personal Information Records Stolen or Lost Annually

A recent report from Symantec revealed that the number of reported data breaches increased by 23% in 2015. Sector by sector, the largest penetration of breaches occurred in health services. Both in the UK and across the globe very few… Read More

2017 and Beyond: A Look Ahead

What an eventful year 2016 has been! We just about survived the fallout of the BREXIT referendum, we lost many famous faces such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder and Muhammad Ali to name a few. Donald Trump… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Measure and evolve

If you followed the first four steps in this series (Identify, Discover, Classify and Secure), you’ll have successfully secured the organisation’s valuable and confidential information by using data classification and downstream toolsets to enforce the security policy. It’s not… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Secure your data

Data that is classified according to its sensitivity instantly has a layer of protection surrounding it. The next task (having identified, discovered and classified your data) is to put in place the higher grade controls – in the form… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Classify your data

A corporate data security policy that sets out how valuable information should be handled will be ineffective unless it’s consistently and accurately enforced. Organisations often have a written policy that’s available on their company intranet and handed to new… Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Discover before you defend

By classifying data according to its value or sensitivity, organisations can reduce the risk of security breaches by ensuring that appropriate protections are implemented and consistently enforced. Having identified your ‘crown jewels’, and other data that needs safeguarding, it’s… Read More

Infographic: Preparing for the EU GDPR

With all the talk surrounding the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation and the impact it will have on organisations, we decided to conduct a survey asking what concerns organisations have about the EU GDPR, whether there are measures being… Read More

Next Level Data Classification

With the new version, 3.9, Classifier has become really helpful. It checks my emails and documents and can recommend a classification based on what I’ve written or other factors such as the presence of external recipients in an email…. Read More

The 5 Steps to Effective Data Classification: Identify Your Crown Jewels

Using data classification as part of a strategy to secure corporate data assets is sometimes referred to as ‘locking up the crown jewels’. But data security neither starts nor ends with the act of controlling access to information. Nor… Read More

Submarines Leak: DCNS Data Breach

This week, French shipbuilding firm DCNS has confirmed a “serious” data leak from their organisation, and that national authorities have launched investigations. Over twenty thousand documents detailing combat capability of the French organisation’s Scorpene-class submarines have been leaked, causing… Read More

Primary School Data Leaked in Singapore

  Last month, the personal data of more than 1,900 pupils from Henry Park Primary School was leaked, in the second high profile data leak to happen in Singapore in the last year. A Microsoft Excel document containing the… Read More

Benefits Of Email Classification Software

Email classification software gives businesses the ability to classify emails in accordance with their sensitivity. This ensures that you have better control over data, and that confidential information is only shared with intended recipients. With that being said, read… Read More

Employees: Your Biggest Threat to Security

Most organisations still believe that hackers and external threats are the biggest risk to their business, but what if the threat comes from within? According to data security company Code 42, 78% of security professionals state that negligent and careless… Read More

A Schooling in Data Classification

On the afternoon of December 4th an email was sent from Hellgate High School to 32 email addresses containing an attachment with information from a parent meeting the night before. While generic day to day information such as the… Read More

Sensitive Data Classification – Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Securing Sensitive Data

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is securing sensitive data. Companies hold an abundance of data, which is growing by the day. This makes it difficult to manage. Moreover, there are plenty of hackers that are dying… Read More

Preparing for the EU GDPR: What you need to know

The biggest change in data privacy regulation to date has been ratified by the European Commission. How might the new law affect you? The urgent need for a revamp of the laws that govern the handling of personal data was highlighted… Read More

The Insider Threat: Reducing Your Risk With Data Classification

Malicious insider threat is one of the highest risks a modern organisation can face. These can be users who are generally authorised and granted access to sensitive information and plan to use that access in a malevolent manner. However, the threat… Read More

Data Classification Services – What To Look For

Data classification services are widely available. All you need to do is take a look on the Internet, and you will see that there are a lot of data classification tools to choose from. This is not surprising when… Read More

Data Classification Program – Top Five Benefits Of Data Classification

Nowadays, the threat of a data breach is a very, very real one. It seems that a day does not go by without news of a business that has been breached. This is because all companies have data that… Read More

Ofcom – Highlighting the Insider Threat

UK communications regulator Ofcom is facing one of the biggest data breaches in its history, when a former employee offered a collection of potentially sensitive information on TV companies to their new employers, a major broadcaster. A spokesperson for… Read More

Unifying Classification Across Enterprise and SAP Data

A partnership was announced yesterday at the RSA 2016 event between Boldon James and SECUDE, bringing the two solutions together to create a comprehensive enterprise-wide and SAP-specific data classification solution. The Importance of Your Data Plain and simple: A… Read More

Acaveo & Boldon James – A Winning Combination

Year on year, we are creating more data than ever before; and it is imperative that this data is kept secure for many reasons. Leading organizations have long recognized the power of data classification as a foundation to support… Read More

What is Data Classification?

For businesses with a requirement to gain better control over their unstructured data, data classification has become a key part of the data management strategy. In the context of information security, data classification is the classification of data, documents… Read More

Email & Document Management, unlikely bedfellows?

Document Management Systems are great for keeping control of your documents. The ability to keep a record of a document’s history, understand who changed what and store them in a central location have vastly changed the way we work… Read More

Tightening The Tap On Leaks

2015 didn’t end on such a secure note for some of the UK’s biggest companies, prompting the question: Will the latest series of UK data breaches prompt British companies to take a look at their cyber security practices? Within… Read More

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