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Specification For Information Classification

BS10010:2017 is a specification for information classification, marking and handling (ICMH) schemes. This guidance is useful for organisations that worry about the sensitivity of the information assets they create, use and share. BS10010:2017 intends to encourage organisations of any size to use a managed, and more consistent, approach to handling information assets on the basis of their classification and marking.

Boldon James data classification products supports BS10010:2017 compliance by:

Ensuring appropriate control
of confidential or sensitive information


Classifying or labelling data with visual (and metadata) labels to highlight any special handling requirements


Alerting users when personal data is leaving the organisation to warn or prevent them from sending messages that contain sensitive information


Educating users about the sensitivity of data whilst ensuring adherence to corporate policy

Utilising metadata labels to drive additional security controls and solutions, such as DLP, encryption and rights management

Orchestrating data management solutions, such as data retention and archiving, to ensure adherence to data storage requirements

Fact Sheet: BS10010:2017 Compliance

Whitepaper: Supporting ISO27001 Compliance

Supporting Organisations
In Implementing Data Classification

This standard gives you a better understanding of how data classification can help your organisation, as well as the fundamentals of creating a scheme. Data classification can deliver a significant improvement to the way sensitive information is managed, both within the user’s own organisation, as well as any external organisation you share information with. It can also contribute to the protection of the organisation’s investments, income, reputation and future.

The new standard has been introduced at a time where global data security regulations are being tightened, and completely new regulations are being established such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and a recently approved privacy amendment to the Australian Privacy Act. Data classification is a good place to start in protecting your data in order to begin compliance with these kinds of regulations.

So if your organisation is looking to implement, or even talk internally about establishing a data classification scheme, this standard is a great place to start. BS10010:2017
will guide you through the setup, running and review of a data classification scheme, giving you a framework to help kick start a project rather than having to initiate something
from scratch.

Key Features Of

This standard is intended to support organisations to:

  • Meet strategic objectives and risk management goals
  • Meet legal, regulatory and standard compliance obligations
  • Learn how to secure, protect and share sensitive information appropriately
  • Improve user understanding of the value of organisational data, and how to handle it

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