Yamaha Motor Implements Data Classification to Focus on Information Security

Employee round-table discussion
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Yamaha Motor has implemented Boldon James’ market leading data classification solution, Classifier, to promote the categorisation of risks and confidentiality of documents, as well as protection of e-mail messages throughout the organisation’s Brazil operation. This follows the lead of the organisation’s parent branch in Japan, who have begun to promote the classification of business information to establish solid data security policies.

According to Manoel Júnior, IT Security and Infrastructure Analyst, at Yamaha Motor Brazil, the organisation chose Boldon James Classifier to automate processes and categorise all spreadsheet documents, presentations and e-mails in line with their security policy. According to him, the ability for the data classification solution to integrate seamlessly with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Digital Right Management (DRM), Archiving and Encryption features swayed the decision to implement the Boldon James solution.

“We started the implementation project by validating the processes and testing the adhesion of the solution to the conformities required. Boldon James’ support team also helped us tailor the tool to our specific needs, which made the implementation a lot easier” says Manoel Júnior.

“We started by working with text documents that held information on things like electronic materials. When creating the document, Classifier offers a window where it is possible to define the document category, as well as select the access rights and level of confidentiality for the file. This makes it easier to control the cycle information, its destination and whether it is of internal or external use to the company. For these types of documents to be handled or shared, the document has to pass the approval of the department management team, which ensures thorough security” he points out.

The Yamaha Motor IT Security and Infrastructure Analyst also points out that the data classification solution allows the correct classification of documents as they are created or modified, using visual labels, as well as metadata, that facilitate the work of the user and meet the policy requirements proposed by the Yamaha head office in Japan. The project in Brazil involves more than 1,500 users, using data classification to classify various documents within the Microsoft Office package (texts, spreadsheets, presentations and e-mails), involving the creation and handling of sensitive information such as contracts and  proposals among other types.

In addition to Brazil, Yamaha Motor has a South American presence in Argentina and Peru and, according to Manoel Júnior, there are plans for these subsidiaries to use Boldon James Classifier based on the overall experience and positive results obtained in Brazil. “As a learning tool, the implementation of Classifier has shown us how to mature and improve the company’s information security processes, helping users – as well as the entire organisation – to evolve a critical sense of promoting and expanding collaboration in data processing business with a focus on data security” concludes Manoel Júnior.

This article has been translated; the original article was posted by securityreport.com.br.