Why You Need A Specialist Provider – Sophisticated and Flexible Metadata

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We’ve already looked at why you need a labelling policy that reflects the way data is used around the business in part 1 of this series. Now, in part 2 of our series on why you need a specialist provider, we’re looking at metadata.

2. You need sophisticated and flexible metadata

As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, when looking for more accurate support, and value add to downstream security solutions, you also need to be using sophisticated metadata.

Non-specialist provider solutions will offer basic metadata functionality, however, by using sophisticated, flexible, and customisable metadata, you can set metadata to trigger functions such as email encryption applied to data leaving the business based upon classification levels specified within the metadata. Another example is to use information set within flexible metadata to block certain types of data being uploaded to the cloud via CASB solutions, ensuring sensitive data isn’t leaving your organisation when it shouldn’t be.

Another downfall we see with non-flexible metadata are the issues that arise when working with the supply chain, who may be using different classification methods, meaning the classification may be lost during exchanges of data or information. By using flexible metadata, you can ensure consistent labelling when data is being shared back and forth between parties.

Regulatory compliance requirements are increasingly asking for the archival of sensitive data after a set time period, for example, the archiving of financial data once it has been held for 6+ years within the business. Flexible metadata allows you to set retention and archiving values within the data so that you can remain compliant with these requirements.

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