Why You Need A Specialist Provider – A Single Vendor Approach Can Hinder Data Security

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In this series, we’re looking at why you need a specialist provider when it comes to data classification. We’ve already looked at why you need a labelling policy that reflects the way data is used around the business as well as why you need sophisticated and flexible metadata. Now, in part 3 of our series on why you need a specialist provider, we’re looking at some of the issues you can run into when using a single vendor approach.

3. A single vendor approach can hinder your data security efforts

As we touched upon before, you might think surely it’s much easier just to pick one provider and get all the security tools I need under one roof? It might seem that way initially, but typically that only gets you so far. As an organisation, you most likely have a variety of security solutions already integrated and well established within the business. Using a best-of-breed solution provider approach means you can choose the best security solutions your organisation needs that will provide the best protection to your organisation, users, and processes. When it comes to your organisation’s security you cannot afford to compromise.

One group of people who would be very happy to see your organisation choose a single vendor for all your security are hackers. If a hacker knows just some of the compromises that single vendor has, this is just the key they need to access a whole world of data within the organisation, and the consequences could be disastrous.

Our advice really is to avoid adopting lower end data security solutions. While they may seem tempting, the security offerings usually come as part of a wider platform, and are not built with the flexibility and functionality that a best-of-breed provider can offer. You’re also at risk of what can be described as “vendor lock in”, where you are at the mercy of one provider controlling every element of your data security, even down to non-negotiable annual price increases for software.

If you want to learn more about why you need to be relying on best-of-breed experts to provide your data classification solution, why not watch our webcast “Data Classification Take 30: Why You Need A Specialist Provider”.

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