Unifying Classification Across Enterprise and SAP Data

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A partnership was announced yesterday at the RSA 2016 event between Boldon James and SECUDE, bringing the two solutions together to create a comprehensive enterprise-wide and SAP-specific data classification solution.

The Importance of Your Data

Plain and simple: A company’s information is its most powerful asset. Most would do almost anything to keep it protected from the prying eyes of competitors and those who want to use it for malevolent activities.

Where do you start? Start by knowing your data. First, one must identify the asset (the sensitive information), then identify the risks (malicious attackers & insider threats), and lastly develop a security plan (protect the data).

Seems simple enough, until you begin to tackle step one. Many organizations have vast amounts of structured information, whether it is public, private, or shared, and a large proportion of it lives in a massive database like SAP, which is the largest Enterprise Resource Planning system on the market today. Data is always on the move as SAP users extract and move documents for reporting and collaboration on a daily basis, making it imperative that the now unstructured data format is properly identified and labeled wherever it may be. This extraction of sensitive information is a serious security concern for SAP customers, as most enterprises do not have an effective identification, control, or protection framework in place for this unstructured data.

Identification and labeling are the foundation of data classification and effective data-centric security. A comprehensive classification solution will also apply metadata tagging to data generated by systems and created by users, making it simple to identify which data is sensitive and who should have access to it, while allowing systems to understand the security measures necessary to protect the sensitive data. Implementing a data classification policy enables the enterprise to effectively store and manage business-critical information while remaining compliant with regulations such as PCI-DSS and the EU GDPR. Pushing users to classify every document, email, and download causes them to slow down and truly think about the nature of the information they handle and the sensitivity of what it contains, bringing data security to the forefront and increasing awareness throughout the organization.

How Boldon James and SECUDE Work Together

A joint solution from Boldon James and SECUDE provides enterprises with a comprehensive classification framework for increased security. By integrating Boldon James Classifier with SECUDE’s Halocore, companies can identify and classify documents at the moment of their creation both inside and outside of SAP systems for a cohesive and seamless experience across the entire organization. SECUDE’s Halocore automates a key aspect of the often-challenging task of data classification by seamlessly integrating with SAP and automatically tagging files with appropriate classification labels based on the customers’ classification scheme. Every time a document is created and downloaded from SAP systems, Halocore labels or tags the document in a manner compatible with Boldon James Classifier. Boldon James Classifier then continues the downstream management of the SAP exported file ensuring consistent protection throughout its lifecycle.

Benefits of using Boldon James and SECUDE together:

  1. Consistency in handling enterprise data, created both inside and outside of SAP
  2. Ability to make more effective decisions on the controls needed for data protection
  3. Lowered costs and compliance efforts on the national and international level
  4. Improved accuracy of DLP and risk management solutions
  5. Increased user awareness and accountability for data safeguarding

With Boldon James and SECUDE, you can enjoy the benefits of data classification in the most cohesive, user-friendly, and efficient way. The result is a streamlined business process with data security at the core.

For more information register for the upcoming webinar: Closing the Gap between Enterprise and SAP Data

Alternatively download the joint SECUDE and Boldon James solution paper here