The Role of AI in Data Classification

Employee round-table discussion
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently I was discussing data classification and security with a senior security architect trying to figure out how Boldon James data classification products could help improve their security posture. During the conversation, the client asked if Boldon James data classification products take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI and machine learning are definitely beginning to shape cloud security and AI/ML frameworks for security are emerging. Take a look at this Palo Alto blog post for their view on the future of AI/ML in security.

2017 Cybersecurity Predictions: Machine Learning and AI-Driven Frameworks

According to Palo Alto, AI and machine learning is primarily about automation and simplifying monotonous tasks associated with cyber security policy definition and enforcement. The words predictive, self-configuring and autonomic should all come to mind when thinking about AI/ML frameworks.

From a Boldon James perspective, we impact security where the data begins and assume the creator of the data knows the content and context of the data best. Instead of relying on AI or machine learning to classify data we engage the end user in the security policy and make them responsible for classifying the data they create.  Boldon James does have automated checks on content, recipient, and conditions which are built into Classifier’s policy rules, but this is not artificial intelligence nor machine learning.

Going back to the customer’s original question, does Boldon James Classifier take advantage of artificial intelligence or machine learning? The answer is an emphatic NO, but the inverse is absolutely true; artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks can take advantage of user-driven data classification. Boldon James classifies data at the point it is created, with knowledge of context and content that is best determined by the creator of the data. This knowledge and insight can now be passed on to AI/ML frameworks and EVERY product in the security apparatus, leading to better visibility and an improved security posture.

If you would like to discuss this more and explore how Boldon James Classifier can help improve the security posture of your organization, we would be happy to set up a web-meeting to review the power of Boldon James end-user driven data classification, which you can arrange by contacting us now.