Speaking your Language

Employee round-table discussion
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Something lots of customers and prospects ask me about is the personalisation of our product. I thought it might be useful to go over just a few of the many ways you can make Classifier your own.

Firstly, there’s the regional language. You can configure multiple languages from the Classifier Central Administration Console so that your users see the Classification options in their local language and format; what better way to help your users get on board with data classification than ensuring they get a policy that speaks their language?

It’s not just regional language though; lots of companies have ‘business language’ such as acronyms, program names and initiatives. Language can also refer to icons that a company may have in place to visually identify their documents and data. Classifier allows the use of icons that may already be in use to represent a data classification policy to be transformed into document labels; this adjustment helps familiarise users with the new tools in place, and what each label really means in comparison to what they are used to using.

Want to change the name of the Classifier section in the Office Ribbon? Feel free.

Want to move the Classification options around or maybe to another tab? No problem.

‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ a little too regimental? Change them round and rename them as you see fit.

There’s a whole host of options available in the User Interface library and these can be applied to everyone, or per policy, giving you the ability to customise the look and feel on a departmental or regional basis.

Another example, did you know we have lots of ways to display the classification options? There are drop down lists, tick boxes, one click buttons; you could even combine all of them into an Assisted Labelling policy, which shows the user the available options based on the information they are working on. Again, easy to configure and all done from the Classifier Central Administration Console.

Feel like getting personal with your classification policy? You can make these changes, run your new look policy in test mode and customise to your heart’s content without effecting any of your existing users. Then when you’re happy just hit the publish button and away you go.

Let us help you bring your business language, whatever it may be, into your data classification journey. Start today by registering for a free 14 day trial.