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Security Data Classification – Could Your Business Come Back From A Data Breach?

You only have to turn on the news to hear about data breaches occurring regularly all over the world, and these are only the high-profile ones. Could your business come back from a data breach and the huge reputational damage and monetary loss that come with it? Most cannot, which is why security data classifications is a must.

The figures regarding data breaches are startling. Last year, 74 per cent of small businesses suffered a security breach, while 90 per cent of large organisations fell victim. The average cost of such a breach is £75k to £311k in regards to a small company, and between £1.46m and £3.14m when it comes to a large organisation. These figures seem to be growing with every year that passes by. No one is immune from the threat either. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small companies because they know that they do not have the resources to invest heavily in security personnel and infrastructure. Moreover, there is also the threat of an insider attack, which often does not occur maliciously at all. This all demonstrates why it is imperative to invest in data classification. This will allow you to group and label all data in terms of sensitivity. It will give you greater control over your data so that you can put the most effective security measures in place. Without data classifications, you could be over-investing in security in some areas and under-investing in others. Furthermore, you will likely have an abundance of lost and unprotected data, which is simply waiting to be stolen.

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