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Recognising 30 Years as Leaders in Secure Information Exchange

Reading Time: 2 minutes 2015 marks our 30th year of providing market leading secure messaging and data classification services. This week, myself, Sales Director Paul Johnson and Marketing Director David Langton collected a Lifetime Achievement on behalf of Boldon James at the annual… Read More

Data Classification for Financial Services – The First Line of Defence

Reading Time: 2 minutes A data breach is a serious incident for any business, but for Financial Services organisations, operating at the heart of national and international financial systems, it can be particularly damaging. Financial Services firms face increasing challenges with risk, compliance… Read More

Turn your employees from your weakest link to your strongest allies

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the past fortnight GCHQ have issued advice to businesses, in their 10 steps to Cyber Security document, to consider a ban of bringing your own device into the workplace (BYOD). They consider staff to represent the “weakest link… Read More

How the G20 data leak could have been avoided

Reading Time: < 1 minute The revelation this week that the Australian Immigration Department accidentally leaked the personal data of 31 world leaders has once again highlighted the reputational damage resulting from data loss by email. The data included passport numbers and dates of… Read More

Data Classification Comes of Age

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week a California-based market research firm produced a listing of the top Cybersecurity firms in the world and guess what; they were virtually all American. It appears they use “World Series” rules, but encouragingly we made it in… Read More