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Wearing Your Security Seat Belt

Reading Time: 2 minutes Any business over 500 employees generally has an induction day. Which, let’s face it are usually pretty dull and jam packed full of do’s and don’ts of what you should and shouldn’t do. What’s worse, they tend to happen… Read More

Classification of Things

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has been around for a while now. Basically, it means that devices of all types are able to communicate using the Internetwork. This communication will, we are told, help with such things as… Read More

Taking military messaging into the new digital world

Reading Time: 2 minutes For the past 20 years or so Military Messaging has been based around the X.400 messaging standard. NATO produced a set of extensions to X.400, and published these as NATO STANAG 4406 (the formal nature of X.400 and its… Read More

Leading London HIV Clinic Leaks Patient Details

Reading Time: < 1 minute The month of September got off to a shaky start for London’s 56 Dean Street HIV clinic, after revealing the identities of many hundreds of HIV-positive patients within a group email. In a major breach of personal data, consisting… Read More

No ordinary secrets: The immense impact of a US Government classification mishap

Reading Time: 2 minutes FBI investigators are launching a new case to see if emails sent and received by Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton had the correct classification markings following revelations that an insider may have stripped the most serious “secret” markings from… Read More