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The Top 10 Tips – Part One

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the last 12 months, analyst reports cited that data classification was a top IT security priority. Therefore, there can be no doubt that it has claimed its rightful place as an integral part of a layered security approach…. Read More

It’s good to share, or is it?

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are very few organisations which can do absolutely everything for themselves; can you think of any? These days, organisations often rely, to some extent or other, on other organisations for their business to be successful. They need clients for… Read More

Protecting the Crown Jewels

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve recently been participating in a project run by the Information Security Forum called “Protecting the Crown Jewels”.  This is a project for organisations to: Identify their most valuable information assets (“Crown Jewels”) and identify the risks to those assets… Read More

May Contain Nuts

Reading Time: 2 minutes My eldest is going on school trip. A team building week in Wales. Abseiling, canoeing, hiking. You get the picture.  Sounds great – a whole school week in the countryside. 240 recent entries to high school, fighting with the… Read More

The Security Showdown: The Human vs The Computer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Much of the talk at a recent Gartner event was about People-Focused Security. That is the shift away from seeing systems as a complete solution to security and trusting users to be part of the solution. Now this doesn’t… Read More