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Putting a price on data loss – how much is your reputation worth?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s one thing when stock prices tumble due to events beyond a company’s control, but it’s quite another when organisations lose value because of preventable situations like data breaches. Data breaches are an increasingly common threat and although the… Read More

What is information classification and how is it relevant to ISO 27001?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Information classification can be simply defined as the process of assigning an appropriate level of classification to an information asset to ensure it receives an adequate level of protection. Why is information classification relevant to ISO 27001? Information classification… Read More

Government Security Classifications – An Exciting Opportunity To Simplify Classification

Reading Time: 2 minutes The UK’s new Government Security Classifications (GSC) policy has been produced and those bodies which are bound by it – essentially all those to whom the Security Policy Framework applies – now have a year or so to work… Read More

Data Classification – Why Is Data Classification Essential For All Businesses?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data classification is a simple concept yet an extremely successful one. It involves organising data into categories for efficient and effective use. When you consider the abundance of data that is created by your business every year, you can… Read More

Data Classification Tools – Do You Track And Protect Your Business’s Data Effectively?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Data classification tools are increasing in popularity with every day that goes by. This is of no surprise when you consider the huge threat of a data breach and the increased coverage such incidents are getting on television. Businesses… Read More