Out-of-the-box Data Classification

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Driving data security awareness to transform security culture

Data classification is a key component of every successful Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy. Just as DLP approaches have matured over time to keep customers ahead of the threats and protected from leaks, data classification has evolved too – for the better.

Gone are the days of inflexible, vendor-defined classifications, complex implementations and top-down initiatives that compel, rather than encourage, adoption. Today’s best-of-breed solutions not only identify, classify and protect valuable data, they focus on driving data security awareness to transform security culture.

For enterprise customers, this cultural transformation is important for a range of reasons – from enabling enhanced staff collaboration and productivity, to leveraging the business value of data. Perhaps the most prescient, however, is the organization’s need to demonstrate compliance and illustrate continual improvements in data management to boardroom executives, customers and regulators.

Classification – either at the point of creation or following a comprehensive discovery program – is therefore an essential building block to a coherent and constantly evolving data governance, risk and compliance strategy for firms facing CUI, HIPAA, NYCRR PART 500, GDPR compliance and more.

A comprehensive data classification scheme is not a destination, and its value is not limited to compliance. It can enhance, and provide the foundation for a wider set of information management tools by streamlining workflows and eliminating data leaks delivering real world, tangible results.

Boldon James delivers an unmatched, best-of-breed data classification solution – bridging the gap between the data protection offerings and your organization’s evolving needs.

Because Boldon James’ Classifier solution comes with out-of-the-box integration, it has full interoperability with a broad range of leading DLP, encryption and rights management solutions. Deployment is a swift and simple process with seamless integration extending out to solutions including Microsoft, Apple and Citrix to ensure unstructured data classification coverage beyond standard Office applications.

Boldon James classifies the widest range of documents, files and messages of any provider – all managed on a class-leading unified administration console that places all your customer’s data classification activities in one place.

These things matter more than ever in a CISO conversation, offering; user-centric and culturally driven design; security and data governance enforcement; demonstrable compliance; ease of installation; native interoperability with existing environments and best-of-breed functionality.

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