Enhancing AIP Through Powerful Classification

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By now you will have a good idea of What AIP is and how Microsoft AIP is better with Boldon James Classifier. This week, in the final instalment of this three part series we look further into the benefits of enhancing AIP with Classifier, and just how this partnership will add value to your organisation.

Enabling a Powerful Ecosystem of Security Partners

As well as adding direct functionality to classification and labelling, incorporating Classifier into your AIP ecosystem enables interoperability with a powerful range of additional security solutions. With as little as a single click, the intuitive Classifier interface can drive market leading security applications in data loss prevention, data governance and encryption. The addition of Classifier allows you to apply classification across a larger range of file types, and from within non-Microsoft applications such as CAD and IBM Notes. Classifier even supports a wider range of Microsoft applications than AIP, including MS Project and Visio.

Increasing Visibility of User Actions

Adding Boldon James Classifier empowers administrators with an extensive reporting module, enabling you to drill down into how and where your classifications are being applied. Classifier comes with a range of common report templates, simplifying analysis to help you to understand where rules could be appended or automated. Classifier’s reporting dashboard is ideal for communicating trends and usage regularly to senior management. Classifier also directly integrates with third party analytics tools such as Loglogic and Splunk.

Classifier’s Power Enhances AIP

Boldon James Classifier is fully compatible and interoperable with AIP, adding significant value to AIP, meaning that organisations can incorporate elements of AIP if they wish, but then enhance that functionality with Classifier. This approach by combining the best of a mass-market product in AIP, incorporating Azure RMS, and best-of-breed classification in Boldon James Classifier provides organisations with significant added value; advanced classification policy, coverage for the widest range of Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications and access to an extended technology ecosystem being just a few examples.

Taking a joint approach to Enterprise Information Protection with enhanced data classification at the core enables complex policy issues and integration requirements to be tackled together to deliver maximum value for your business – ensuring you can meet the classification challenges you’ve identified today plus those that will be coming round the corner.

For more information about how you can transform Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) using Boldon James Classifier, please contact us via [email protected].