Creating the Perfect Security Ecosystem

Employee round-table discussion
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Each member of the famous Marvel superhero team The Avengers has unique powers. When these are combined they create a formidable force, working together towards the same goal: protection. The same should be true of the products an organisation uses to protect its sensitive and business-critical data. Each specialist technology, tool or solution must perform brilliantly well on its own, but also integrate seamlessly with others to create a powerful data protection environment.

No two organisations face the exact same data security challenges, so this environment will look different from one business to another. CISOs need to be able to select the right combination of specialist products to support the business, and apply the most appropriate ones depending on the capabilities they may need at any given time.

If security policies are to be consistently and effectively applied across the business, the ‘join’ between different products must be invisible to users. For them, the experience should be frictionless. Just as important, as the organisation’s needs change and threats evolve, the CISO has to be able to introduce new solutions to the security ecosystem – and remove existing solutions that are no longer relevant – without affecting performance or the user experience.

The Boldon James Classifier suite, with its classification metadata ‘superpower’, has long been a crucial part of organisations’ security ecosystems. Data classification solutions can potentially play a far more pivotal role in a security environment, however: as the all-important metadata and integration platform that pulls all the different products together.

By implementing a solution that is interoperable with a broad range of security and information management tools, an organisation can make data classification a key enabler to an effective security architecture. This flexibility also leaves them free to choose exactly which vendors they want to work with, on a cost and feature basis. Plug-and-play functionality allows organisations to extend their capabilities by introducing new services or changing solution providers quickly without any impact.

The solution provider’s skill sets are also key: they need to be able to support integration through technical teams who have multi-platform development expertise across Citrix, Microsoft, Mac OS, IBM Notes, cloud and mobile applications.

We’re now talking to clients about how we can partner with them in building a powerful and flexible security ecosystem that addresses their wider data security, governance and compliance requirements. We’ve combined our solution set with best-of-breed technologies from a number of specialist partners; from major DLP vendors to emerging innovative security providers. Delivering joint value in this way makes it easier for clients to select the best combination of technologies to fight their own unique data protection battle.

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