Boldon James Classifier 3.13

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Boldon James adds powerful new classification features to utilise ‘actual’ user intelligence

A quick and powerful way to enforce security policy – ensuring you comply with GDPR and other regulations

This week Boldon James announced the release of Classifier 3.13. This latest version of the market leading data classification and protection solution, Classifier, offers new powerful classification and data control features to enable security, governance and compliance managers to ensure they are compliant with emerging data protection regulations, such as GDPR.

Many organisations are aware of classification, but only within a narrow role as an enabler for the security of data. While classification plays a vital role, an intelligent, best-of-breed classification solution can also streamline business processes and reduce business risk. With the release of 3.13, Boldon James Classifier can now even implement intelligent decisions, greatly reducing the business overhead of compliance with legislation such as the impending EU GDPR. This intelligence is not artificial; it is real and based on your organisation’s most powerful asset – your people.

The 3.13 release enables organisations to utilise advanced classification and labelling, providing highly accurate data control and protection beyond simple basic level labelling which is often seen in other product sets. Classifier 3.13, for example, introduces the ability to scan and identify multiple instances of sensitive data within the content of a file, and create control rules which can decide what action to take based on your data handling policies. An individual rule can either suggest, or automatically apply, a classification based on the rule conditions you create. For example, when the user tries to email, save or print a file, if it detects an address, it can suggest a classification of ‘PII’, as the file may contain Personally Identifiable Information. If there are more than 5 instances of addresses in the file, it can add a header ‘File contains PII, not for dissemination’, automatically apply a classification of ‘PII, Confidential’, and prevent the file from being emailed to external recipients. Furthermore the classification metadata label can automatically drive 3rd party security solutions as part of an extensive technology ecosystem, such as data loss prevention, rights management and encryption. With one simple interface to protect your sensitive data from all sides, Classifier’s advanced classification and control functionality provides a critical foundation to support GDPR and other data protection regulations, not to mention best practice.

The key features of the Classifier 3.13 release in brief:

  • Multi-Select Labelling in the Ribbon – the ability to choose several values in one classification menu
  • Detailed Content Detection – allowing content detection to count the number of matches in a file
  • Decision-Making Policies – enabling a policy to either suggest, or automatically apply a classification
  • Active Directory Group Membership for Identity-Based Conditions – extending the Active Directory attributes available for policy building
  • Images in Excel – now images can be automatically applied in the header or footer

Classifier is now the only classification tool to allow multi-select values in the ribbon. Removing the restriction for files to belong to one classification group or another throws classification open to be fully utilised to meet specific, multi-label business categorisation schemes. Now not only can a file be intelligently classified as ‘PII, confidential’ etc., it can also be marked as ‘Accounts, Customer service’ etc. This intelligent way of labelling files travels with the file in its metadata, and is persistent across platforms. This approach ensures gaining and maintaining control of your data can now be assured wherever it is filed, in the cloud, or on your server. Mandating a classification to be applied on saving, printing or disseminating files can ensure your data storage processes, reducing the overhead of locating badly filed information.

Classifier continues to pioneer in the field of classification – we are the preeminent classification experts, having started electronic data classification and labelling back in the 1990’s.

Classifier 3.13 brings real intelligence to your data handling processes and classification, allowing your organisation to take a huge stride to gaining control of PII and sensitive data. Boldon James continues to evolve with your business needs, taking classification beyond just security classification into intelligent, process driven business classification and data handling control, setting your organisation on the path to meeting GDPR and other data protection legislation.

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