Acaveo & Boldon James – A Winning Combination

Employee round-table discussion
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Year on year, we are creating more data than ever before; and it is imperative that this data is kept secure for many reasons. Leading organizations have long recognized the power of data classification as a foundation to support their IT Security, Storage and Information Governance efforts to protect all of this valuable information that is being created.

Once classifications have been applied to the organization’s data, the next step is to use these efficiently to automate the application of information governance policies. This requires the use of technology that is able to leverage the classification, however it was applied, to make decisions and take actions.

In addition to leveraging classification to perform governance actions, it is often desirable to have visibility into the volume and specifics of items within each taxonomy category. Such auditing capabilities provide organizations with great awareness into the distribution of content across the classifications.

Today sees the launch of and exciting partnership between Acaveo and Boldon James. Acaveo provides a software platform that, when combined with Boldon James Classifier, allows organizations to classify data, perform regular data inventories, and allow for the automation of data management efforts such as migration, defensible deletion, and collection and preservation. This powerful one-two punch also provides immediate visibility into data access rights related to classified/tagged information through a centralized management console.

How does Acaveo work with Boldon James Classifier?
• Determine who has access to what data based on Boldon James classification level
• Easily view distribution of data by Boldon James classification level
• Determine who owns the data. When it was last accessed? How old is it? How many duplicates exist?
• Discover data ownership/access rights by department
• Determine what data has no classification information
• Locate orphaned data
• Automate the Identification of sensitive content such as PII, PCI etc.
• Perform Bulk Classification

Together, Acaveo and Boldon James provide organizations with a robust set of capabilities to apply data classifications, report on ongoing classification efforts and automate data management activities.