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The remote workforce: Choosing the right data protection solution

Reading Time: < 1 minute The COVID-19 era has ushered in a global organisational transition to remote working policies and highlighted the need to bolster protection against cyber-attacks and inadvertent data misuse at the hands of employees. Top cybersecurity leaders outline key areas to… Read More

Safety Detective Interview With Martin Sugden – Boldon James

Reading Time: 3 minutes Aviva Zacks of Safety Detective sat down with Martin Sugden, Boldon James’ CEO, and asked him about his company’s Classifier suite. Safety Detective: How did you get involved in cybersecurity, and what do you love about it? Martin Sugden: With a… Read More

Tackling the Negligent Threat

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the start of the year the Ponemon Institute launched the 2020 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report. The report highlighted the number of cybersecurity incidents caused by insiders increased by a whopping 47% since 2018. This meant the… Read More

Providing Your Employees With Structure: It’s Simpler Than You Think

Reading Time: 2 minutes Structure… it is something we humans need in our life to function and survive. We rely on routines and structure to bring an element of predictability to our lives, which in turn makes us feel safe. I think it… Read More

Navigating The Topsy-Turvy Times

Reading Time: 3 minutes What strange times we are currently living in. With workers who are able to work from home (WFH) being told to do so, and essential key workers (emergency services, the military, essential supplies and utility industries) needing to brave… Read More