The Value of Digital Rights Management


In our highly connected, collaborative economy, you can no longer depend on perimeter-based technologies alone to ensure data confidentiality. Business users need to be able to share files and collaborate on data as a part of everyday business, and risks increase when that data goes beyond your organization’s perimeter.

Organizations can depend on a digital rights management (DRM) solution to protect sensitive data wherever it goes. Whether it’s protecting income-generating content, avoiding costly compliance/regulatory fines, or just protecting whatever is most valuable to your business, the many benefits of DRM will be covered in this live webinar. Join and you’ll also learn:

  • How to protect your company’s sensitive data and valuable IP, even after it has been shared externally
  • The benefits of moving to a data-centric security model
  • How to combine encryption, access control, and rights management to give you total control over your sensitive information, wherever it resides
  • Ease of use for the person who protects and the person that accesses the file, as well as for admins who set up automation.

During this session, we’ll also give you a quick demo of Vera, the powerful DRM solution from Fortra, and answer questions.

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