Take 30 with Boldon James: Data classification can do more for your business


Data classification is fundamental to protecting and managing data, but it can do much more for your business.

A new approach to data classification requires the uniting of two schools of thought that currently operate as parallel universes: data security and data management.

The security domain considers classification as a means-to-an-end approach that involves security labelling of data according to its sensitivity. Data management teams view classification as the categorising of information in order to improve its quality and utility.

For an organisation to get the full benefit from data classification they first need to address both worlds, and then make sure they’re connected.

These two worlds can be very confusing to the user who has to classify a document, learn how Boldon James is leading the way in data classification by asking the user to describe the document in terms that are familiar to them and easy to understand.

Learn how to design an approach that goes beyond simple security labelling to one that harnesses business categorisation of the data which is understandable to the user and brings real value to the data for your organisation.

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