Go Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Data Classification


Protect What Your Business Cares About

June 8, 12 PM GMT

In today’s cybersecurity market, we are seeing more vendors than before offering solutions which claim to cover all your security needs under one roof.

Sure, from a business efficiency point of view this may seem like a very tempting offer – but in reality is it all too good to be true? Many of the tools in a “one-size-fits-all” platform are essential, but packaged as they are for the standard organisation they often don’t meet your needs. We know that any security control implemented in an organisation imposes operating constraints on the business, so the tools need to work in the exact way you need not the way that someone thinks you should work to be worth the investment.

By using a best-of-breed data classification solution, you can guarantee a solution for your organisation that is fully tailored to your exact needs, with a wide range of integrations, ensuring you are not trapped or at the mercy of a provider who is in control of all your security solutions.

This webinar will highlight:

  • The challenges with “one-size-fits-all” solutions – the importance of agile solutions
  • How data protection regulations are requiring more granular labelling requirements, which can only be achieved using a specialist provider
  • Why you need to be sub-categorising your data to have an effective and meaningful data classification policy
  • Why basic classification policies are often too high level either to meet the compliance needs of the business as a whole, or of the regulators
  • How limited product support can be from a non-specialist provider
  • That metadata needs to be flexible, leaving you open to integration options with best-of-breed solution providers across the data protection suite
  • Getting the best ROI from your technology investments

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Ian Davies, EMEA Partner Manager
Piers Chivers, Product Manager, Fortra