Data Discovery and Classification, By Design: Webinar Series with Forrester, Forcepoint and Boldon James


[1st & 2nd July]

Data protection is under more scrutiny than ever, as a multitude of regulations now insistently drive firms to implement adequate breach-prevention measures and policies. At the same time increasing loads constantly feed into the data set, making timely knowledge of information value and sensitivity a critical but complex requirement in the management and governance of data.

Don’t miss the webinar series around “Data Discovery and Classification, By Design” to learn more about effectively protecting people and data.

PART 1: Committing to Data Privacy | July 1st | 9:00 (BST)

Enza Iannopollo, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Privacy management cannot be the sole responsibility of regulators, and is necessarily dependent on the capacity of regulated entities to comply, including customers, partners and employees too. Join Enza to understand why organisations have to move into a sustained compliance mode to ensure consistent data protection is achieved.

Enza will subsequently participate in a Q&A session with Ankur Chadda, Sr. Solutions Manager Data Protection, Forcepoint and Martin Sugden, CEO, Boldon James.

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PART 2: Simplifying Security Controls | July 2nd | 9:00 (BST)

Ankur Chadda, Sr. Solutions Manager Data Protection, Forcepoint and Martin Sugden, CEO, Boldon James

Organisations are revisiting the way they manage and protect their data, adopting a more strategic perspective than ever before. As they undergo digital transformation, store vast volumes of data and contend with regulatory requirements, many businesses seek parallel protection and labelling solutions for effective control. Ankur and Martin will reveal how, by pairing Forcepoint DLP and Boldon James Data Classification, you can achieve better business outcomes for your organisation.

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