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Data Classification Take 30: The Power of Integrating Data Classification with Your DLP Solution

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is different from most traditional data-centric security solutions in that its primary focus is on internal, as opposed to external, threats. Unauthorised disclosure of internal data through any media, network mechanism or the accidental disclosure… Read More

APAC Data Security Week

Join HelpSystems data security experts for 10 sessions over five days. Our panel of experts will be taking an in-depth look at the challenges surrounding data security and they will offer ways to ensure data is kept secure and… Read More

Data Classification Take 30: Complex Data Classification Made Easy

July 20 2021 | 10am BST Join us in the last instalment of this series of Data Classification Take 30 to discover how you can implement a data classification solution that can benefit the whole company, and how it is… Read More

Data Discovery and Classification, By Design: Webinar Series with Forrester, Forcepoint and Boldon James

[1st & 2nd July] Data protection is under more scrutiny than ever, as a multitude of regulations now insistently drive firms to implement adequate breach-prevention measures and policies. At the same time increasing loads constantly feed into the data… Read More

Data Protection In Financial Services, By Design

Protecting data in accordance with its value or sensitivity is a critical part of information management and data governance; with data protection under more scrutiny than ever. With the implementation of a multitude of new data protection regulations, such… Read More