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Enterprise Address Book

Enterprise Address Book

Connecting the Workplace

Enable more effective communication and synchronise multiple LDAP directories with Enterprise Address Book.

Enterprise Address Book (formerly MasterKey Plus) is an enhancement to Microsoft Outlook and OWA which provides users with a powerful and flexible tool to enable them to search and explore Address Books across multiple LDAP directories, such as Active Directory or Lotus Notes/Domino for example. In complex, disparate and dynamic organisations where user communities can frequently change, users need to be able to find and email each other effectively and efficiently. Enterprise Address Book enables  organisations to quickly and simply connect multiple Address Books, without the pain and cost of major system integration.

Given the changing and dynamic nature of many organisations today, it is vital that contact and address book information is accurately maintained and available to everyone. In today’s increasingly fast paced world, improving communication efficiency can not only increase productivity and save money, for medical organisations it may even help save lives. The absence of an accurate universal Address Book within an organization prevents effective communication. This is where the Enterprise Address Book solution from Boldon James can help.

Enterprise Address Book is also available for Outlook Web Access - click here for more

Product Benefits

  • Provides accurate visibility of users within disparate, fluid or complex organisations
  • Helps users to quickly identify the correct recipients for relevant information
  • Improves internal communication efficiency
  • Reduces time and effort in sourcing address book details
  • Avoids unnecessary and costly system integration
  • Offers flexible, granular and configurable search options
  • Familiar Microsoft interfaces for speedier adoption of new business processes
  • Supports authorised access to protected directory information, using a selection of strong authentication mechanisms    
  • Quick and easy to configure and deploy

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