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Enterprise Address Book

Enterprise Address Book

Multi-Directory Viewing

Enterprise Address Book (formerly MasterKey Plus) is an enhancement to Microsoft Outlook which provides users with a powerful, flexible Address Book and directory browser for searching and exploring multiple or complex directories from a single desktop client.

Where an organsation's structure requires the use of more than one directory (for example, between services in a military organisation or subsidiaries of a major conglomerate) standard email will not allow searching for email addresses of colleagues in other directories. Enterprise Address Book allows such organisations to quickly establish visibility of users in the other parts of the organisation.

Additionally, Enterprise Address Book is particularly suitable where users need a window on directories with a deep hierarchical structure, such as defence and intelligence organisations, as it simplifies the user interface. Enterprise Address Book can also provide a secure, trusted connection between the Outlook client and the directory server.

Enterprise Address Book is also available for Outlook Web Access - click here for more

Product Benefits

  • Provides visibility of users within disparate or newly merged organisations
  • Offline access not currently supported in version 7
  • Helps users identify the correct recipients for information
  • Offers flexible, granular and configurable search options
  • Familiar interfaces for speedier adoption of new business processes
  • Delivers granularity of security and identification
  • Supports authorised access to protected directory information, using a selection of strong authentication mechanisms
  • Provides accountability and history of operations
  • Easy to configure and deploy

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