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SAFEmail P7 Transport - X.400 Message Transport Service Provider

SAFEmailĀ® P7 Transport

Provides Microsoft Outlook with P7 Connectivity to an X.400 Message Store

The SAFEmail P7 Transport Provider for Microsoft Outlook is an X.400 P7 message transport service provider. It enables the exchange of messages from Microsoft Outlook over an X.400 messaging service via a P7 Message Store.

  • Supports the P22 message format for inter-personal email messages, and the NATO STANAG 4406 P772 message format for formal email messages.
  • Options exist to define how messages are retrieved from the Message Store using a P7 Alert interface.
  • Backup Message Store configuration allows continuous operation even if the main Message Store is taken offline.
  • The P7 Transport and Microsoft Exchange Transport may co-exist in a single Outlook profile.  This provides the user with access to SMTP and X.400 email messages within a single Outlook session.



Technical Support

Technical Support