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Military Messaging

Military Messaging Products

A Modular Suite of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Components Designed to extend the Microsoft Platforms for deployment within Security Sensitive Systems in Defence & Intelligence Environments.

Fast, unambiguous communication is critical to the success of military organisations across the world and the infrastructure used to send & receive these messages is referred to as a Military Messaging Handling System (MMHS). Communication is a 24/7 process, where the sender and receiver (or list of recipients) often do not know each other. Adding to this complexity, modern military operations increasingly involve a coalition of national forces; so email communication processes need to be interoperable between them and often civil institutions. User communities are also deployed across a variety of different operational environments, each with unique requirements, such as Low Bandwidth or Radio Silence.

SAFEmail® High Grade Messaging - A modular suite of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange components designed for security sensitive systems in Defence & Intelligence environments
SAFEmail® Medium Grade Messaging
-  Secure Messaging for Defence & Intelligence Organisations using Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Platforms
SAFEoffice - Security labelling for Microsoft Office
X.400 Bridgehead Server - X.400 support for Exchange
Defence Directory - X.500 High Performance Directory Server
Tactical Messenger - Low bandwidth routing & prioritisation
SAFEchat for XMPP- Secure IM/chat